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10 April 2012 @ 12:31 pm
Hi!  Long time no post!  Sorry about that, btw.  I've sorta migrated to tumblr.  But I'll try and come on here more often, because I really love this site and all of you.

ANYWAY I'm sorting out my journalism tag, so that I have an online archive of my articles, and I missed out my first 3 last year!  So I'll post them now.  I'll also post my highlights from this year (they haven't been very good though!) sometime soon.

Without further ado, here's the Wikileaks articles I had such a palava about (if you remember) and also one on Burma!  Bear in mind that these were written in November of 2010, so the info is very outdated!

Courage Is Contagious:
The Story Of Wikileaks

In the Western World we pride ourselves on having freedom of speech, on living in a society free of corruption and repression, a society where we can trust our governments to do what’s right.  WikiLeaks has almost singlehandedly shown this to be false.
Set up in 2006 by the reclusive political activist Julian Assange, WikiLeaks aims to “achieve political reforms by giving out suppressed information to the public”.  WikiLeaks, known as the “uncensorable Wikipedia” is a website run by over 800 volunteers in various locations over the world.  So far it has lived up to its claims: one of the first “leaks” was the Guantanamo Bay Operation Manual, detailing the torture and human rights violations in the prison.

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The Controversy Crusader:
Julian Assange

Julian Assange.  For many this name has being infamous, synonymous with both liberation and secrecy.  For most this name is an obscure side note to more important news worthy subjects.  Assange is somewhat of a contradiction: obsessed with revealing secrets and yet rarely coming out of hiding.  This, of course, could be for protection, but is it more than that? 
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Fighting To Be Heard:
The Crisis In Burma

For years the word “Burma” has drifted in and out of the public consciousness.  Every so often some new crisis will shock the world and then the country’s plight will sink back into obscurity until the next dramatic event merits a headline.  But what exactly has been happening in Burma?  
Here are the facts: facebook is banned, the internet is banned, universities are banned, political gatherings are banned, freedom of speech is banned... and human rights may as well not exist.  As Amnesty International recently commented “torture has become an institution” in Burma.  Ruled by a vicious military elite called the Junta from 1962, there are countless human rights violations with rape, murder and forced labour reported throughout the country.  Amnesty estimates that there are about 1,300 political prisoners held without trial in terrible conditions.  To keep the public illiterate and ignorant universities have been shut down, and any that do dare speak up against the Junta face horrific consequences.
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And that's it!  Speak to you guys soon :D


15 May 2011 @ 12:44 am
So yeah.  Today was the Hullfire awards.  I was nominated for 3 awards: best news writer, best article and best writer.
I won.
That's best writer of ALL THE FUCKING PAPER for the second one.


ALSO I was sitting next to my editor all night who watches Community AND SHIPS ANNIE/ABED!!!!
Needless to say, it was a good night.


PS: my friends in the radio were like "we didn't nominate ourselves cos it's too MAINSTREAM".  I loled.

PPS: I forgot to write what the awards say on them!  

Ok, the first is for  Best News Writer and was judged by some media executive in the university staff.  It says:
"Both articles tackled challenging and what could be deemed controversial subject matter but dealt with them in an intelligent and insightful manner, informing the reader with well-written and well-researched copy.  The adoption of their perspective strengthened the authoritative character of the articles, and the historical complexities of the subjects were deftly presented to contextualise and contemporise issues."
This was judged on my articles on DADT and Burma, if you remember them!

And the second is for Best Writer and was judged by A GUARDIAN WRITER!  Matt Shoard, if you're interested.  Anyway, it says:
"Both pieces are cliche-free zones packed with the personality of a fearless, wholly original and very witty individual."
XD  This one is my fave!  Judged on my WikiLeaks and Charlie Sheen articles, and possibly my Narnia essay too.
06 April 2011 @ 04:05 pm
So this follows on from the previous discussion post.  It's a pretty short article and very opinionated.  This would be because I wrote it for a column.  So feel free to pick it apart and post your own opinions, if you haven't had enough of Manning by now!  Again, your views and links really helped me with this article so thank you very much.

 Bradley Manning:
The Silenced Hero

What would you do if you discovered terrible secrets? Secrets that proved the government of your country to be corrupt, using their military as a front for terrible deeds? Many of us would walk away, ignore them in favour of an easier life. And who could blame them? Because the fate of Bradley Manning shows us exactly what happens when someone does the right thing.

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06 April 2011 @ 04:02 pm
Ok, so I'm posting my articles in two parts.  This would be my Charlie Sheen article, and thanks again for all your opinions in the FFA post :D

Without further ado...

 Charlie Sheen:
The One Man Show

For the past few months, it has been hard to hide from the celeb-frenzy media machine that is Charlie Sheen. If you don’t recognise his name by now you’ve probably been living under a rock, and I envy you. Made famous by his outrageous claims in interviews, persistent drug abuse and “rockstar” lifestyle, Sheen has bludgeoned his way into the public eye. We are facing another fascinating celebrity meltdown story, one lapped up eagerly by fans and trolls alike, the attention and ridicule fuelling Sheen’s delusions. We know his answers to all the important questions: he’s not bipolar, he’s “bi-winning”, his behaviour isn’t mental illness it’s “passion”, and he’s safe from the dangers of drugs because “dying’s for fools”. But there is one question we should be asking, not him, but ourselves: why do we care?

Like Romans baying for blood in the Colleseum, we lust after the spectacle of it all.Collapse )
18 February 2011 @ 05:33 pm

So finally my essay is done!  It's 1,451 words and examines the role of women in Narnia.  Susan's a pretty big focus if you're interested.  Hopefully it'll be published, but it's between this essay and one by someone else so fingers crossed!  In any case, here it is.

Women in Narnia:
The good, the bad and the demonised.
At first glance, the Narnia books do not seem to have a problem with sexism or other gender issues. To every boy that enters Narnia there is a girl, and together they have adventures and save the day. When looking closer, however, we discover that the girls are not as respected as they seem: they do not handle swords and are often spoken to in disparaging and patronising ways. Then of course there are the villains, almost always female and sexualised. Despite how positively Lewis portrays the girlish heroines, it is apparent there is a conflict of ideas in the books, reflecting Lewis’ own views on gender.

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Next on the list for the 30 women meme is River Tam, so stay tuned for that.  I was going to post it today, but I'm going out to a drama soc social tonight so it'll probably be up tomorrow at the earliest.  Should be good though - it's a picspam manifesto with gifs as well!  Gonna take aaaaages so I hope you enjoy.  I'll probably start my Jill fic (or maybe my Susan one) this weekend too, so keep an eye out for that.  And my Whedon20in20 as well of course.

Love ya!

15 February 2011 @ 06:47 pm
Ok!  So I realised I didn't post my Don't Ask, Don't Tell article last month, so it's here.  There's also my female oppression article which has yet to go to print.  TRIGGER WARNING: I talk about female genital mutilation. 

I'll post my Narnia essay once I'm finished, which should be tomorrow evening :)

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In other news... I have no other news.  Will post icons soon :)

18 September 2010 @ 05:03 pm

A bit late, I know, but this is my article rebuttal to Camille Paglia's critique of Lady Gaga in the Sunday Times (last sunday!).  Don't be discouraged that it is a reactive article though - I think it stands on its own well and even those who don't read the Sunday Times will understand it.   I also reference Caitlin Moran's brilliant interview of Gaga - if you haven't read it do - it's amazing.  (And because the Times Online is now ANNOYING and will only let members read articles, this links to a repost of it at ontd .)

This is my first real article, so I hope you read and comment!  I would really, REALLY appreciate some feedback as I want to send it to the Times. 

Here's the intro so you get an idea of what it's about...

Since her debut in 2008, Lady Gaga has been idolised and criticised equally. Heralded as a cultural icon, her songs, shows, and even behaviour have caused controversy, a reaction that she not only encourages but exploits. She is a woman of extremes, and it is therefore no surprise that since her rise to fame many articles have been written both praising and condemning her. An article that does little but the latter is “What’s Sex got to do with it?” by Camille Paglia. Marketed as a “revelation of all that Lady Gaga is... and isn’t”, this article reads more like an elitist rant about Gaga and youth culture, and Paglia’s “revelations” are little more than the tired criticisms thrown at Gaga on a daily basis. Despite the almost petty degradation of Gaga by Paglia, the article does raise some interesting points begging the question: why has Gaga inspired such attention?

Maybe it is a lie. But does that mean that the hope she inspires means nothing?Collapse )
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