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She's a Symbol of Resistance

And She's holding on my heart like a hand grenade.

20 October
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NAME: Eleanor, Lili, Lenny, Nora, Norbert, Biggles.

AGE: 18 going on 5.

NATIONALITY: English/British (and damn proud, too).

LOVES: good books, good plots, good characters, good TV shows and films, and GOOD GRAMMAR. Oh and gender equality in shows (or books, or films) :)

HATES: apostrophes in the wrong place. And misogyny. And broccoli.

AMBITION: to become the greatest journalist in the world. And to own a Delorean. Not just any Delorean. The Back To The Future Delorean.

Check me out on fanfiction under LiliJ!

Also, the awesome Amy icon is by jadis_88, and the Topher one is by lolangieblack. Thanks guys! :D